2008 & 2009 Library Building Process

2008 Building Study - Durrant, with Himmel & Wilson

In 2008, the Library completed a building study with Durrant. The Library Board Building and Equipment Committee, with input from Library and City staff as well as the Library Foundation Board, reviewed the study and approved the final report. Altogether, there was input from about 1,000 community members including; focus groups, two surveys, interviews and public meetings.

2008 Preliminary Building Study

  • Slides 1-44 - Historical context, survey results and other assessments.
  • Slides 45-93 - Form and function in light of the APL mission statement and relevant trends in library design.
  • A DVD of this presentation is available at the library in the Wisconsin Collection.

2008 Final Building Study


2009 Program Design Study Engberg Anderson

In 2009 the Library Board requested, and the Library Foundation, Mayor and City Council approved, funds for an architectural program design. This involved space planning and making recommendations on design, layout and features. Through an request for proposal, architectural firm Engberg Anderson was hired to complete this project.

2009 Preliminary Program Design Study

2009 Final Program Design Study