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Library planning to continue with proposed budget

The Mayor’s Executive Budget was released at the meeting of the Appleton Common Council last night. We are pleased to report that within the budget there is funding included to continue working on a solution for the Appleton Public Library. In June, the City of Appleton Common Council did not approve the aquisition of the site that ranked the highest in the site selection process. Since then, the library board has taken time to consider potential avenues to move forward in order to come to a proposal that will be supported.

The future of Appleton Public Library’s facility plans are closely intertwined with the future of downtown Appleton. The heart of our city is facing important decisions regarding solutions for our aging parking infrastructure. A comprehensive 56-block downtown parking analysis was completed last year providing options for solutions. Another process has begun to study mobility throughout downtown, including travel by foot, bicycle, automobile and public transit. In addition, the city and Appleton Downtown Incorporated are soliciting proposals to undergo a visioning process and update the downtown section of the city’s comprehensive plan.

Decisions about parking and access were identified as primary concerns throughout the months of feedback solicited in 2014. These concerns were echoed by council during public meeting decision points investigating the proposed site. Additionally, there were questions about how the proposed site for the library fit into the big picture for downtown Appleton. Mayor Hanna has factored all of these complicated issues into his 2016 budget proposal.

This proposal contains a Capital Improvement Project for Downtown Development (pg. 608) including funding for the library totaling $30,500,000 over four years: 
   • 2016 - $500,000
   • 2017 - $5,000,000
   • 2018 - $15,000,000
   • 2019 - $10,000,000

This timeline allows for the completion of pending mobility and downtown vision studies to inform important decisions before the council. Since 2008, the library has been in the process of evaluating the condition of the current facility, as well as future needs and priorities of our community. Mayor Hanna’s transmittal letter states that work done by the Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees regarding the future needs of the library and leading up to the initial site recommendation remains valid. He is anticipating a collaborative decision making process, involving both the library board and the common council, to reach a consensus regarding the future of the library.

November/December Artist-in-Residence

In January 2015 we launched a new initiative at Appleton Public Library called Artist-in-Residence.

Since then we’ve hosted

  • Judith Waller, oil paintings
  • Kassie Herbst, knit bombing
  • Beth Servais, acrylic painting and collage
  • Rick McKinney, pottery
  • Rosa Jiminez, painting and collage

Each of these talented artists has presented a combination of exhibits, lectures, demonstrations, studio tours and workshops during a two-month period to the delight of our patrons.

During the months of November and December Cristian Andersson’s oil paintings will be on display in our lower level exhibit hall. In addition, Cristian will lead these classes and events:

  • Paper Picassos - November 7, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
    A workshop where children will make their own cubist masterpiece from paper while learning about Picasso and cubism. Designed for families and school-age children.
  • What is Modern Art? - November 30, 5:00-6:15 pm 
    Learn about the aesthetic and conceptual ideas of modern art. For the general public.
  • Art Demonstrations - November 21 and December 19, 1:00-4:00 pm
    Community members are encouraged to stop by and view the demonstration and ask questions of Cristian.

The Friends of Appleton Public Library fund a residency stipend for each Artist-in-Residence. We’re looking for Fox Cities artists who are interested in serving as an Artist-in-Residence starting in May 2016. We hope to hear from area artists in the near future. Kindly apply using this link: http://www.apl.org/air.

For further information, contact Elizabeth Eisen at eeisen@apl.org or Kristi Helmkamp at khelmkamp@apl.org.

September/October Artist-in-Residence

Our Artist-in-Residence schedule for September and October is now available!

Mixed Media Workshop with Rosa Jimenez
September 12 | 3:00-5:00 pm
Ever want to create abstract art? Explore paper patterns and mixed media as introduced by Artist-in-Residence Rosa Jimenez.

Silhouette Workshop with Rosa Jimenez
September 27 | 3:00-5:00 pm
Meet Artist-in-Residence Rosa Jimenez and create a work of art by experimenting with paper silhouettes.

Artist-in-Residence Demonstration with Rosa Jimenez
October 17 | 3:00-5:00 pm
Drop by and take a look as Rosa Jimenez, artist-in-residence, demonstrates her artistic work for the public.

Are you interested in becoming an Artist-in-Resident? Do you know someone who would be perfect for the program? Please fill out this form today!