1. Love to Listen? Sign up for SYNC audiobooks.

    There is something about audiobooks that allows stories to surround you. Chores become easier and more enjoyable. Daily walks and drives become grand adventures. If you can relate or if your own interest is piqued, SYNC, free audiobook downloads provided by AudioFile Magazine, may be for you.

  2. New Features for Holds in Overdrive

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  3. OneClickdigital’s Newsworthy eAudio App


  4. Kill a What? Kill a Watt.

    Electrical Outlet

    Do you have a vampire lurking inside your home?  Chances are you do.  Electricity is being wasted even while your appliances are turned off.  Could it be that your appliances are not as efficient as you once thought?  There is a way to find out about your household energy consumption.

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