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  1. You Don’t Need to Pay Me, I Work for Hope –Wrap Up

    This week we will take a look at three more sites and I will give you my final thoughts.

    First we will look at two blogging platforms.

    Exhibit Five 

    Blogger wouldn’t allow anyone to use my content, would they? 

  2. You Don’t Need To Pay Me, I Work For Hope - Part 2

    Today we will look at two more services many of you may use and what you give up when you agree to their terms. 

    Exhibit Three

    I love sharing my photos on Flickr, they can’t use those, right?

  3. You Don’t Need To Pay Me, I Work For Hope

    I just finished reading a book by Jaron Lanier called “Who Owns the Future” and while this is no way a book review, his book did give me some things to ponder. Lanier’s basic argument is that we are all being foolish by giving (and taking) each other’s intellectual content for free.

  4. I Can Do This And So Can You

    There is a growing culture of Makers in our country who are not only expanding and honing their talents but who also want to share their experience and knowledge with you. The result is multiple media streams that demystify projects making them doable for most of us.

  5. Family Fun With Technology

    It’s August and if you have kids in your home there is a highly likelihood that their favorite phrase at this point in the summer is, “I’m bored.” So if you are looking for a relatively affordable way to break the summer boredom and do something that is fun, educational and healthy I might have something for you – have you ever heard of geocaching?

  6. Is 3-D Printing The Next Go Local Movement Super Weapon?

    Prior to the industrial revolution most industry was cottage industry, literally. People worked from their homes or small shops. Many times these were one and the same. The artisans often worked by hand to create unique products or to create their copied products one at a time.

  7. Fitter Happier


    We are well into the new year and for many of us that New Year’s resolution to get fit has already fallen by the wayside. For those of you still trying to stick with it, good for you and maybe I can show you some tools that will help you in your efforts. Today we are going to look at three products I have looked at to aid you in your exercise / weight loss efforts.

  8. I Think I’ll Go for a Walk Outside

    One of the (many) issues I have struggled with over the years is the fact that I tend to get too excited by new, shiny things. So consider yourself warned that this might well be one of those shiny but insubstantial things. You be the judge.

  9. Dads, Get Your Geek On!

    So anyone who knows me knows I like technology. It doesn’t take much to impress me either; I grew up in the days of Atari 400s and Commodore 64s in my grade school. The fact that my iPad has the processing power of the room sized computers used to make the Apollo missions happen makes my brain hurt, but in a good way.

  10. SmartGlass???

    So you’re sitting around watching Buffy and you KNOW that actor on screen was in something else you saw. You know it. No big deal, right? You just reach for your “fill-in-your-tech-gadget here” and cruise over to IMDB to bring up their filmography. "Wait a second, what is her name? She played a musical instrument...Starts with an A I think???"

  11. Cloud Computing 101

    Recently Google announced that they would jump into the cloud computing and storage market with a product called Google Drive.

  12. Welcome to Brians' Take on Tech

    Nope, the title of this blog doesn’t illustrate my inability to grasp the English language. There are indeed two of us and each week our goal is to bring you not one, but two, count  ‘em two blog posts about technology and how it impacts your life for both better and worse.

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