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  1. Hope it's not a zombie...

    "Zombie's computer" by Landalauts

    I've been wondering why my home computer has slowed down recently. I swear, I went outside one Saturday to do some raking, came back in to find I'd left my laptop on and open, which would be fine except one of those four-legged furry animals I somehow love had decided to stomp and sit all over it. Dell Media Center had opened.

  2. Is Internet Addiction for Real?

    I like learning about the human brain and behavior. A couple years back, I read Nicholas Carr's 2010 book The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing To Our Brains, in which the author investigated whether his internet usage was affecting his ability to concentrate.

  3. Hurricane Sandy's Web Presence

    While I was thinking about what to blog today, my mind kept wandering to the storm hitting the East Coast.

  4. Take a simple quiz to pick your candidate

    Nonstop ads, finger-pointing debates, and 24/7 opinion news. You may feel bombarded and confused by the endless noise. You may begin to doubt the candidate you've selected because now it sounds like he might not be the best choice.

  5. Tools You Can Use: Unsocialize

    From Unsocialize for Firefox page

  6. Friday Fun: Life on Mars

     Image: Comparing Conglomerate Rock on Mars and Earth

  7. Speeding up your computer

    I was reading this article on MakeUseOf last week about registry cleaners not speeding up your computer significantly.

  8. Friday Fun: Six Lazy Degrees

    On the off-chance you haven't heard, Google has made the party game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon even easier.

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