1. Where to find your next great book

    Staff PicksYou just finished a great book, and now you are looking for something new.  Your list of "to-read" books is empty and the latest magazine didn't have any reviews that sounded g

  2. Free ebooks for fantasy and science fiction fans

    Of course you can access books from Wisconsin's Digital Library for free using your InfoSoup library card, but there are other places on the web where you can get free ebooks, and today I'd like to talk about a site with free ebooks in the science fiction and fantasy fields.

  3. OneClickdigital audio books from Recorded Books are always available

    For those with an interest in digital audio books, the Appleton Public Library has added a second way for you to download digital audio books to your computer or laptop, as well as many ereaders, smart phones and tablets. 

  4. Zinio downloadable magazines now available!

    Zinio provides subscription access to popular magazines, creating them page-for page with full-color photos, navigation by page, interactive media elements such as audio and video, and key word article searches.  They may be read on your computer, your tablet or phone, through the appropriate Zinio app.*  Appleton Public Library's subscription provides 100 magazine titles, with most o

  5. Welcome to Pulp-less Fiction!

    This blog is about new paperless reading materials like downloadable audio books, ebooks, and online magazines, made available to you through the Appleton Public Library.  I plan to provide helpful tips on using these new products, along with reviews of audio books, music


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