1. Sanborn maps!

    Have you discovered the terrific collection of historical maps available through the Wisconsin Historical Society yet?  Among others, it includes a large collection of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.  They are meticulously detailed snapshots focused on the business district of an area.  Originally created to

  2. Peshtigo Fire

    Fall is suddenly here.  The trees are turning and leaves are falling.  Once Halloween is here, the rest of the year goes by in a flash.  I'm going to try to slow things down a bit and pay more attention to October.  Certainly we're all familiar with the Great Chicago Fire and Mrs.

  3. Music! Music! Music!

    Appleton Field Artillery BandIt's hard to believe, but summer is already winding down.  Tonight is the last summ

  4. Cross and Crown

    The library got a gift yesterday.  Someone donated their 1957 issue of the Cross and Crown.  If you’re not familiar with it, this is the yearbook from Fox Valley Lutheran High School.  We do maintain a collection of yearbooks from Appleton schools, but for some reason the oldest we had of this publication was 1991. 

  5. A new peek into our past

    Great news for those of you who have been stymied by that annoying gap of coverage for a City Directory between 1874 and 1884.  We are now able to offer you the 1877-78 Pryor's Appleton City Directory.  It includes many of the standard things you would hope to find.  The bulk is an alphabetical listing of  "2,300 names, an increase of over 500 since 1874".  There is als

  6. Boomers and basements

    I read another article in the newspaper today about Baby Boomers ending up being custodians of the accumulated treasures of their parents and grandparents.  Speaking as someone who currently has a basement full of such things, I understand that completely.  I also understand that some of those things are treasures to me as well because I know their story.

  7. Appleton Public Library history

    I have been here for over 30 years, and I learn something new about our own history almost every day.  If only that beautiful wood desk in the lower level of the library could talk!  If you haven't seen it, stop down next time you're here.  Just take the elevator to the basement and there it is!  It has been refinished over the years of course, but it is the original de

  8. Aviation in the Fox Valley

    This week the Appleton Historical Society had our regular monthly meeting.  Just in time for EAA, the topic was the history of aviation in the Fox Valley.  Ken Syring presented a terrific overview of the development of airlines and airports in the Appleton area.  I learned the current airport is actuall

  9. Welcome to Fox Footprints!

    Welcome to Fox Footprints!  The Appleton Public Library is very interested in preserving local history and collecting our shared stories.  This BLOG is a place to share those stories, sometimes from Appleton, sometime

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