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So anyone who knows me knows I like technology. It doesn’t take much to impress me either; I grew up in the days of Atari 400s and Commodore 64s in my grade school. The fact that my iPad has the processing power of the room sized computers used to make the Apollo missions happen makes my brain hurt, but in a good way. What you may not know is that I take my responsibilities as a dad pretty seriously, most days I even like being a dad. As a parent you have lots of responsibilities but you also have a captive audience to share all the things you love with! And boy howdy I love to torture my kids with all the geeky things I enjoy.  There’s that time when you get to share Star Wars with your kids for the first time (that low when your oldest daughter doesn’t get it, the jubilation when you son does).  There’s getting to buy Legos under the guise that they are actually for your kids.  

So if you are a dad (or a mom, but I really don’t feel qualified to speak from that perspective) and you have geek tendencies you might want to check out the Wired magazine Geek Dad blog. It’s free. You don’t really need to be a geek to enjoy it, but it helps. Geek Dad is edited by Ken Denmead with contributors from all over the country. The topics are broad covering things like what order to run the Star Wars movies in to board games and of course the latest in technology products. The blog talks a lot about the Maker Movement and often links to projects you can do with your child.

So I know it's Friday Fun day but to be serious for just a moment I have to say this blog appeals to me in two important ways. Obviously it deals a lot with technology so that’s cool. More importantly it talks about dads engaging their kids in real ways and actually doing constructive projects with them. It also focuses quite a lot on STEM learning which is important in today’s educational setting, so in my book it is an all around win.

Check out Geek Dad (, do some of the activities with your kid(s) and tell me that it was a waste of your time, I dare you.  Finally, since I am doing this on the library’s dime I should also tell you that there are several Geek Dad books available

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