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From Unsocialize for Firefox page

Hat tip to MakeUseOf for pointing out this useful browser extension. They touted Unsocialize's availability on Google's Chrome browser, but you can also add it to Firefox.

Have you seen an update on your Facebook page about an interesting article one of your friends has read only to click on it and be redirected to a social reader app so thatt Facebook could now announce to all of your friends whenever you read an article? And so you don't read the article because you're afraid that others will find out about your tendency to read all things Bieber?

Unsocializer takes you to the article and bypasses the "install social reader for Facebook app" pop-up. It adds a right-click menu option called Unsocialize, which will open the article in a new tab when clicked. It also avoids Facebook's tracking and metrics--your reading will not be counted and turned around on you for marketing purposes.

If this sounds like something you could use, here are the links you need to find it for Chrome and Firefox

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