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Brian's Take on Tech

Bringing you info about technology, and how it impacts your life for better and worse.   -Brian K, Community Partnerships Supervisor

Nope, the title of this blog doesn’t illustrate my inability to grasp the English language. There are indeed two of us and each week our goal is to bring you not one, but two, count  ‘em two blog posts about technology and how it impacts your life for both better and worse.

So you’re saying to yourself,  “Oh good, another tech blog.” The answer we give you is, “Yup”. Even though there are plenty of blogs out there; some of which we will share with you in the coming weeks, we hope to give you something different. First be warned, while we are both librarians, this is not a library blog. In all likelihood we will speak very little about books, even ebooks. We will make almost no mention of library cards or fines. Instead we want to focus our attention on information technology and introduce you to some tools to help make it more manageable, except on Friday. Friday is a fun day. For Friday posts you can expect something fun and stupid to help you start off your weekend on the right foot.

Here’s the deal:  if we manage to stick to our self imposed schedule, Monday posts will be all about what’s new and shiny. This will be when we talk about what’s coming down the pipe or just arrived and why you should care. As I said earlier, Friday is the day to expect the unexpected. Think Angry Birds, Polar Bowling or Cracked.com; think useless time wasters (but time wasters that will leave you smiling at your screen), after all librarians are information navigators and we will navigate you to place to waste time and forget about the work week. 

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