Appleton Public Library history

Fox Footprints: local history

The Appleton Public Library is very interested in preserving local history and collecting our shared stories. This blog is a place to share those stories, sometimes from Appleton, sometimes from elsewhere in Wisconsin. I hope to connect people with others who are interested in the footprints of the past. Feel free to chime in about your history.   -Karen

I have been here for over 30 years, and I learn something new about our own history almost every day.  If only that beautiful wood desk in the lower level of the library could talk!  If you haven't seen it, stop down next time you're here.  Just take the elevator to the basement and there it is!  It has been refinished over the years of course, but it is the original desk from the 121 S. Oneida location.   I love the fantastic capabilities of our online catalog and all that technology does for us, but there's still something about a good old card catalog that makes me smile.  I'd also like to point out an interesting presentation about the history of the Appleton Public Library.  One of our volunteers, Emily Gilbert, did a presentation at the November 2011 meeting of the Appleton Historical Society.  You can watch it here.


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