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  - Sara,  Electronic Services Librarian

I was walking by the non-fiction new books display when the striking cover on Acrylic Solutions caught my eye.   I checked it out just to look at the color combinations and, unexpectedly, was able to use it to finish a project at home.


Last summer I had purchased “Mice and Mystics” to play with my niece and nephews.  The small figures that come with the game – mice, rats, roaches, a spider, and centipede – were a plain, tan resin color.  Though I have little-to-no artistic talent and zero experience with painting anything other than walls, I decided to paint them so it was easier to tell apart the mouse characters.  I also just wanted to try something new.

 un-painted figures from Mice & Mystics

When I came upon Acrylic Solutions on the shelf, I had already primed the figures and had only gone so far as painting the bases.   Just looking at the photographs of blending and applying colors gave me great, new ideas for painting the figures; I know they turned out far better than they would have otherwise.


painted centipede from Mice & MysticsI saved the mice figures for last with the notion that, by then, I would have improved and learned a lot from painting the others.  However, by that time I just wanted to be done,  and  the mice had so many tiny details I knew I would only make a mess of them.  I decided to paint each mouse entirely with different, blended, mousey shades.  After that, I focused color on only select aspects  – typically a large piece of clothing and the weapon.  This way there was enough paint to help differentiate the figures by color.  I also didn’t end up with completely laughable, smudged figures.


Check out the New Books shelving area during these cold winter months for inspiration to try your hand at something new or even just to learn about something that lies outside your regular reading interests.

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