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  1. Rushfit 8 week program

    Georges St. Pierre's 'Rushfit' program

    I am more than half way through MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre’s 8 week Rushfit program. I love it, especially how quickly I see gains in strength without injuries or soreness. (I should add that I am only doing the workout portion and never even read all the way through the nutrition aspect of it.)

  2. Kickboxing DVDs

    Kickboxing DVDs

    Kickboxing is probably my absolute favorite workout. If you enjoy a tough workout without too much instructor-perkiness, it might be for you, too. This review covers three different kickboxing instructors that I most certainly recommend, all of whom are available for checkout at the Library.

  3. Ballet Body series Workout DVDs

    Leah Sarago's Ballet Body series

    Here’s another workout DVD review that could be added to the “videos that sort-of make me think I’m going to die, yet I love them” list.

    Leah Sarago’s three-part Ballet Body series incorporates elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and athletic moves. As always, you need to think about proper pelvic and spinal alignment while doing the exercises, but she’s pretty good at cuing correct positioning. The videos, aside from tremendous strength-building, incorporate a lot of flexibility and balance work. I put these in when I want to work really hard but don’t want the extreme cardio of Brooklyn Bridge or one of my kickboxing DVDs. She does not include a warm-up at all, so you want to make sure to warm up your muscles before starting these.

  4. Workout DVD: Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

    Workout DVD: Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

    I can’t resist -- here’s another review of a workout DVD. This one could be the first in a new series: “videos that sort-of make me think I’m going to die, yet I love them.”

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