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Pulp-less Fiction: Digital Downloads

This blog is about new paperless reading materials like downloadable audio books, ebooks, and online magazines, made available to you through the Appleton Public Library. I plan to provide helpful tips on using these new products, along with reviews of audio books, music on cd, and movies on DVD and Blu-ray.  The library is changing as rapidly as your access to media and the Internet. We want to keep on top of the trends and bring you information and entertainment in a way that fits your life today.   -Beth


Would you like to listen to an audio book while running or walking the dog?

Playaway device 

Playaways are self-contained mp3 audio books.  A complete book is on a single device the size of a deck of cards.   You provide the AAA battery and use your own earbuds to listen.   If you’d rather listen in your car you can use an adapter to hear it from the car’s speakers.



The simple controls allow you to control volume, jump forward or backward, and it keeps your place when you stop.  You can even change the speed, which is not possible with books on cd.

Playaway controls

The Appleton Public Library has Playaways for children, teens and adults; both fiction and nonfiction.  To find them in the Infosoup catalog choose “Audio books on Playaway” in the main search box.   They are shelved separately from the books on cd, so they are easy to browse.Search for Playaways

You can search for them in the main search box by choosing "Audiobooks on Playaway" plus a title, author or subject.


You may also find them under "I'm looking for..",  by searching in Audiobooks then choosing "Playaway Only".another way to search

They are lightweight and easy to use, making them a great choice for listening when walking, or doing work around the house.  Try one today!

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