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New features have been added to the Overdrive holds process. You now have the ability to suspend holds temporarily.  You are also able to automate checkouts on holds in order to avoid losing out on an item due to the 3 day availability limit.





Suspending Holds

Since it is impossible to predict accurately when a hold will become available, suspension will come in handy for those who don’t want to miss out on an item or be overwhelmed by too much reading or listening material at one time.




As the hold is suspended for a certain amount of time, your position will continue to advance through the waiting list, but the hold will not be filled. After that amount of time ends, the title will continue to advance until the hold becomes available. If you happen to advance to the first position in the waiting list while the hold is suspended, the system will skip ahead to fill the hold for the next user in line. You will remain in the first position until the suspension ends.






Automatic Checkout

At the time you place a hold, the option to ‘auto-checkout’ the title when it becomes available can be set.  Currently the choice defaults to auto-checkout.  If you choose this option, you will receive a notification your title is available confirming that it has been checked out and can be found on their account bookshelf. If you opt out of auto-checkout, you will experience the previous notification process, which involves a 3 day window of opportunity to check out the available hold.



*Screen shots and the basis of this update courtesy of WiLS

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