Steampunk Saturday is September 21

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This blog is about new paperless reading materials like downloadable audio books, ebooks, and online magazines, made available to you through the Appleton Public Library. I plan to provide helpful tips on using these new products, along with reviews of audio books, music on cd, and movies on DVD and Blu-ray.  The library is changing as rapidly as your access to media and the Internet. We want to keep on top of the trends and bring you information and entertainment in a way that fits your life today.   -Beth

Steampunk is a type of science fiction that usually features steam-powered machinery in a 19th century setting.  It has been described as “the past that never was”:  an alternative history rooted in the Victorian era’s perspective of the world, culture, fashion and manners.  In this world the internal combustion engine or electricity were never used, and fantastic machines were created to accomplish similar tasks.  Steampunk writing appears in genres such as fantasy, horror, romance and historical fiction as well as science fiction.  Examples of steampunk books are the novels of Scott Westerfeld, Gail Carriger, and Cherie Priest. 

 Leviathan     Soulless     Boneshaker

The Steampunk genre now encompasses books, comics, film, music, art, drama and even lifestyle.   It is incorporated into film in movies like Hugo, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and the recent Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey Jr., as well as appearing in a totally Steampunk animated movie, Steamboy.

Hugo     Steamboy


Steampunk remakes history in a way enjoyable to many people.


Please join us at the Appleton Public Library on Saturday, September 21, from 10:00am to 2:00pm to learn more about Steampunk.  Catherine Noble-Beyer will give two short presentations, one explaining what Steampunk is, the other about choosing a persona and creating an appropriate costume, with tips on adapting clothing and creating inexpensive accessories.  Jerry Beyer and Catherine Noble-Beyer will judge the costume contest.

You will have a chance to create a fascinator to wear in your hair or a military-style ribbon to pin to your costume.  Don't forget to make a mustache monocle! 

Wear your best Victorian or Steampunk outfit and enter the costume contest to win great prizes; or merely pose for your free Victorian souvenir photo. 


Victorian photo

Ken Vinson, gamer and co-author of Brass & Steel:  A Game of Steampunk Adventure will be demonstrating the game in Room D.  Stop by and give it a try, or enter to win a copy as a door prize.

Brass & Steel


We will be making mini-journals, and fantastic paper toys--Steampunk origami style.  Examples of the crafts are in the display case across from the elevator at the library, along with some unique items shared by local Steampunks.  There will be great door prizes including Steampunk books, Mustache Mania, Writer's set, and more.  The program was a lot of fun last year so we hope to see you here on September 21!


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