APL Storyteller - Sean

I started working for the library five years ago. My teachers Jean and Diane set me up to work here through the Life Program at Appleton North High School. I started working with four friends, but I am the only one who continues to work at the library.

I come to the library to shelve materials Monday through Thursday starting at 10:00 am. I walk here from my house, even if it’s raining. My favorite part of my job is shelving the green DVDs. After I am done with my shelving job, I like to go on the computers. I also like to check out DVDs.

“Sean has put in over 1,100 hours volunteering here at the library,” said Kris, Sean’s Supervisor. “He is enthusiastic, caring and takes ownership of his work.

“I remember one time there was a little boy in the aisle next to Sean asking the person he was with to zip his jacket for him. Sean overheard the little boy and went over by him. Sean asked him if he needed help zipping his jacket and then got down on the boy’s level, explained how to zip his jacket and zipped it for him. When he was done he said to the little boy ‘now what do you say?’ and the little boy thanked him.

“This started out as a requirement for school, but has blossomed into a purposeful experience for both him and the library. The library gives Sean a safe place, and also a place where he can develop his social skills and relationships not only with staff members, but also the community.”

I am most proud of the fact that I am a high school graduate and a Life Program graduate and I really like working at the library. I feel like I am a part of the library and that is important.

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