Appleton Ready to Read

We are excited to announce the start of a new outreach program geared toward serving the local Hmong community. The program, Appleton Ready to Read, will be run by APL's Hmong Outreach Specialist, Yee Lee Vue.  

With funds provided by an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant, Miss Yee will be able to work approximately 16 hours a week for APL’s Children’s Services. She will dedicate her time to teaching Hmong families early literacy skills to help parents and caregivers prepare their children for kindergarten, and furthermore to be successful in school.

Appleton Ready to Read is based off of the American Library Association’s outreach program, Every Child Ready to Read. As part of the program, caregivers will meet with Miss Yee on three separate occasions for an hour and a half each time.

During the first visit with Miss Yee, caregivers will learn about the importance of reading and writing with children. Participants will also receive a toolkit to practice these activities at home.

During the second visit with Miss Yee, caregivers will obtain a library card, get a tour of the children’s section of the library and learn how to select age appropriate material. Parents will also learn the importance of talking and singing with children. Participants will receive another toolkit to practice these activities at home.

During the final visit, caregivers and their children will attend a program led by Miss Yee called “Play and Learn – Hmong Edition” where caregivers will learn fun ways to interact with their children.

Hmong caregivers who live within the City of Appleton limits may contact our Hmong Outreach Specialist at 920-832-6020 to set up an appointment to participate in this groundbreaking program.

This program was funded in part with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services which administers the Library Services and Technology Act. Friends of Appleton Public Library also helped fund the program by providing a grant for the early literacy toolkits given to each family.

Appleton Ready to Read directly addresses the findings in the 2010-11 Fox Cities LIFE Study, which states that third grade reading scores have declined every year since 2006-07. Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Examination scores from AASD in 2011 show that of those third grade students who scored below proficient on the exam, 36 percent were Asian and 38 percent had limited English proficiency. With this program, Appleton Public Library is offering one way to work together as a community to help pull up our children’s examination scores.


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