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It's still early March (not quite mid-March), so the Spring 2013 Teen Books We Think You'll Love isn't too late in coming. This month, we have a special treat--a couple of recommendations from Tasha, our Assistant Library Director and author of the Waking Brain Cells blog. I like to highlight some titles featured in these quarterly guides, so let's start with Tasha's recommendations.

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To give you an idea of Emily Murdoch's If You Find Me, due out March 26th, Tasha writes, "Carey's mother has been gone for over a month, leaving Carey and her little sister alone in the woods. When her father comes to rescue them, Carey finds herself living a new life but unable to leave what happened in the woods behind." Learn more about this story at Waking Brain Cells.

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Lucy Knisley's Relish, out April 2nd, is our other featured title recommended by Tasha, who contributed this brief to our Spring guide: "This memoir in graphic novel form details Lucy Knisley’s relationship and ongoing love affair with food throughout her childhood and young adulthood. Funny and delicious, this book is sure to whet the appetite for more books by Knisley." And if that whets your appetite, be sure to read Tasha's full review.

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It's also worth noting that some authors with forthcoming books will be at the Fox Cities Book Festival. Sharon Draper and Geoff Herbach both have new books this spring--Panic (out now) and I'm with Stupid (May 1) respectively.

There are a few other titles I'd like to highlight from the Spring guide. Several popular series are increasing by +1 title this spring. Titles include Lauren Oliver's Requiem (Delirium Trilogy, book 3, out now), Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices, book 3, out March 19th), Mary Pearson's Fox Forever (Jenna Fox Chronicles, book 3, out March 19th), Robin Lafevers's Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin, book 2, out April 2nd), and Melina Marchetta's Quintana of Charyn (The Lumatere Chronicles, book 3, our April 23rd).

And while we're talking series, I wouldn't want to leave out some comics, graphic novels, and manga I'm looking forward to, like Morning Glories v. 4, Action Comics v. 2, Demon Knights v. 2, Bunny Drop v. 8, and Catwoman v. 2. We'll also be seeing the first volume of Batman Incorporated hitting the shelves, as well as a new DC series written by China Mieville (author of Kraken, winner of awards) called Dial H. The self-contained graphic novel Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks (Friends with Boys) about robotics team member Nate driving a wedge in his friendship with jock Charlie by declaring war on the cheerleaders over school funds that can support either a robotics competition or new cheer uniforms looks like it will be a fun read.

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But enough of that--there are some books with serious story to them coming out. March 26th will see the release of both Period 8 and Black Helicopters. Period 8 is Chris Crutcher's latest and features a safe place for high school students to tell eachother the blunt truth--8th period--and Paul who always tell the hard truth, to the detriment of his relationship. But one person in 8th period is lying, and the group implodes drastically. Blythe Woolston's Black Helicopters is sure to be controversial as it features the daughter of anti-government survivalists in America whose decided to strike back through suicide bombing. Early reviews suggest the author has done a skillful job of portraying the story from her character's perspective, and you'll be forced to consider the complexities of right and wrong.

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April will bring us Rapture Practice and Cameron and the Girls. Aaron Hartzler's Rapture Practice is a memoir of Aaron's growing up and questioning his Christian beliefs. As a child, he was thrilled that at any moment the rapture could occur and he'd be taken to heaven with the faithful. But in his teens, Aaron wanted to experience what other teens got to experience--dating, driving, etc.--and he hoped the rapture wouldn't come before he had his chance. Edward Averett's Cameron and the Girls presents the situation of Cameron who falls for one girl in school and another one in his head. This premise might sound funny, but reviews note that Averett considers his character's Schizophreniform disorder seriously and with compassion--Cameron, like other sufferers of mental illness feels that he is not himself when medicated and wants to try to live life without the aid of medication.

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In May, we'll see the publication of The 5th Wave, The Lucy Variations, and Winger. The 5th Wave is the start of a new series by Rick Yancey (the Monstrumologist series) and looks like it will feature a variation on the zombie survival story. The Lucy Variations is Sara Zarr's new book, and concerns an older sister, Lucy, who was a piano-playing prodigy until she gave it up, a decision the story investigates while Lucy coaches her brother on the piano. And I hope Andrew Smith's Winger lives up to my expectations. It's the story of Ryan, a 14-year-old junior at a boarding school, who's stuck in Opportunity Hall (the residence for the troublemakers), crushing on his friend Annie (who thinks he's an adorable little bugger, not boyfriend material), and on the rugby team (where he's bullied). It sounds like it has potential.

Be sure to stop by the library and grab a copy of our Spring 2013 Teen Books You'll Love to see more titles of interest due out now through May.


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