Brown County Update

We are pleased to announce that full service to residents of Brown County will be reinstated, effective March 25, 2013. In addition to being able to use our services and materials within APL, Brown County residents will again be able to check out materials as well.

In January, the ability for Brown County residents to check out materials from APL was curtailed because of the inequity created when Brown County Library billed Outagamie County for library service. We have always believed that the service we provide to Brown County residents should offset any bills that Brown County Library might send for servicing Outagamie County residents. In December, we sent letters to the Brown County Library Board to this effect, and the Brown County Library Board has not contested our letters. In addition, Outagamie County has recently reaffirmed its agreement with this position.

Because Outagamie County considers Brown County Library's bill paid in full by the service we've provided to Brown County residents, there is no longer any inequity to be addressed. Consequently, Outagamie County has expressed its support for reinstating borrowing privileges for Brown County residents.

We are pleased to again offer you the same high quality, fair and affordable library services that we've provided in the past. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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