Celebrating Hmong Culture

We celebrated Hmong culture with a special program Sunday, May 11. Thanks to the crowd who attended the celebration to learn more about Hmong culture and traditions. It was a perfect day for children and teens to share their music and dance with us.

Appleton Ready to Read children, wearing traditional dress, sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Hmong, while one of their members accompanied them on violin. A small girl also recited The Itsy-Bitsy Spider in Hmong.

Dancers from the Appleton East Hmong Club displayed grace in their polished performance of a piece that expressed a particular meaning connected with General Vang Pao, a leader in the Hmong community and a U.S. ally during the Vietnam War.

The combined Appleton East, North and West Hmong Clubs sang a meaningful and beautiful song about the Hmong, including numerous solos. The song, Hmoob Yuavtsum Hlub Hmoob is well-known and has been recreated by today’s generation of Hmong artists.

Local Hmong artists loaned pieces of art for display and donated a few for door prizes. Two pictures will remain on display for a few weeks, along with dolls dressed in traditional costume. After the program, there were refreshments in the form of eggrolls.

For those who have not been here before, we have a Hmong Resource Center, created to encourage a multi-cultural awareness of the Hmong community as well as provide access to materials in the Hmong language and related to the Hmong culture. It is located between the Information Desk and the World Language area on the first floor. There are books for all ages, music CDs and movies, for both entertainment and knowledge. We also have a Hmong web page which includes photos and helpful links. We hope you will visit the Hmong Resource Center to view the display or check out materials on the culture or for entertainment. 


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