Freedom Summer

Did you know it's been 50 years since Freedom Summer? Appleton Public Library will host a screening of the PBS/American Experience documentary, Freedom Summer, on Thursday August 21 from 4:00-6:00 pm in the lower level meeting room. Refreshments will be served.

In the hot and deadly summer of 1964, the nation could not turn away from Mississippi. Over 10 memorable weeks know as Freedom Summer, more than 700 student volunteers joined with organizers and local African Americans in a historic effort to shatter the foundations of white supremacy in of the nation’s most segregated states. Working together, they canvassed for voter registration, created Freedom Schools, and established the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party with the goal of challenging the segregationist state Democratic Party at the national convention in Atlantic City. Freedom Summer marked by sustained and deadly violence, including the notorious murders of three civil rights workers, countless beatings, the burning of 35 churches, and the bombing of 70 homes and community centers.    


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