Good Graces

Good Graces (2011)

While technically this isn't a favorite read, I long had been looking forward to reading the sequel to the 2010 Fox Cities Reads book selectionWhistling in the Dark, by Lesley Kagen.

In Good Graces, the story of Sally and Troo O'Malley picks up the next summer with a lot of new developments: the Milwaukee Zoo -- and Sally's beloved gorilla, Sampson -- is moving out of her neighborhood to a new location on Bluemound Road. A cat burglar is prowling the neighborhood. An orphan is missing, and a grown daughter has disappeared, too. To top it all off there's a bully on the loose and out for revenge, unless Troo can get her own revenge first. Once again Sally O'Malley is trying desperately to keep her sister safe as she also tries to unravel all the mysteries on Milwaukee's Vliet Street.

Initially I was worried this title would follow the same track as Whistling (I must admit, I didn't have the heart for the same type of plot line); however, I was happily surprised as events unfolded and "aaalll was revealed!"

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