Instructables Contest

We occasionally post here about contests that may be of interest to teens in the community. This one is particularly appealing--it's similar to what we had in mind when we asked teens to share their creativity with us last summer.

If you've never visited Instructables, you're missing out. People post things they've made along with the instructions so that you, too, can make stuff. We've used Instructables to find ideas for some of our teen craft programs, like duct tape bowties. But Instructables includes more than duct tape crafts--there are robots, foods (lots of stuff with bacon), tables and other furniture, motorcycles, jewelry, knit projects, and that's not a quarter of what you'll find there. I got distracted on the site while writing this post by Instructables on tying a full windsor tie knot, making flag football belts, building an anamatronic hand, and developing an investment strategy.

Instructables is currently cosponsoring the Make-to-Learn contest, which is open to people aged 13-18 and ends April 15th. To enter, you have to share a project you've made--nothing world-changing, anything you've made--and answer four questions about what you figured out over the process of completing the project. To sweeten the deal, they're giving away iPads and high-value giftcards to the most highly judged entries.

Good luck to you if you enter, and if you don't, why not dig around Instructables awhile until you find a project that really grabs your attention and gives you a compelling urge to duplicate?


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