LinkWISCONSIN Information Gathering

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) needs your input to help improve high speed Internet connectivity in Wisconsin. The PSC is looking to assess the broadband needs and gaps in our state with the goal of being able to provide data to providers and policy leaders at the local and state level for future broadband planning.

A team of regional leaders has been working with the PSC and LinkWISCONSIN to improve broadband in the state, and your input will help them identify where there may be a need for improved service or learn lessons about best practices in areas where service is adequate.

Your input will be used in two ways: 1) locations will be mapped to show adequate service, inadequate service or unmet demand for high speed Internet; 2) submissions will be used to communicate needs to the provider community. 

The PSC is asking for a few minutes of your time to complete a survey regarding your current and future broadband usage and needs at home. Please consider completing the online survey. If you would like to fill out this survey for your business, please complete this survey.

To receive a hard copy of the survey by mail, please call (608) 267-2338. Please complete only one survey per household. The survey deadline is May 15, 2013. For more information about the LinkWISCONSIN project, please visit their website or email


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