Mornings with Barney

Mornings with Barney

I know, I know, we all cried when we read or saw Marley and Me. Do you really want to read another book about a man and his dog? I say yes, you do -- this one is different. By now you have figured out that I am a sucker for any animal story. That's likely why I put a hold on this title when I read a review. But I'm glad I did. Do you watch a news show in the morning to see what's going on the world around you? Do you cringe at some of the local interest spots? Do you laugh at those outtakes that show the news personality getting knocked down, or splashed or licked by some kind of critter they don't want to even touch? And do you root for the critter? Then you'll like this book. Barney literally shows up on reporter Dick Wolfsie's front porch one cold winter day and Dick figures he should be safe for a few hours. Before you know it, Barney is, well, not allowed to be unsupervised in the house. So he starts going to work with Dick in the mornings. For the next ten years, Barney works his way into countless news stories, and becomes a mascot of sorts. The actual setting is Indianapolis, but the fun is universal. I've never been owned by a beagle, but apparently if you have, you will relate to this on an even deeper level. A fun quick read guaranteed to leave you with a smile!

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