New List of Upcoming Teen Titles

The latest quarterly list of teen books has been printed and is available at the library and online. These books come out sometime December though February. Page three has a section on comics and manga, and the back page has a listing of new books coming out in series. (Note: I've linked to titles that have been pre-loaded into our catalog. Unlinked titles aren't in our catalog yet--you'll have to grab one of the Winter 2012 Teen Books guides and highlight the ones you like).

I'm personally interested in The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan, in which a student uncovers secrets from last year's senior class while researching his senior thesis, aka the tragedy paper. Never Let You Go by Emma Carlson Berne looks like a creepy thriller of a story, in which a young woman snaps after the young man she's persuing goes for her best friend...again. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't automatically drawn to the high fantasy and political machinations of Morgan Rhodes's Falling Kingdoms. Ooh, and Cory Doctorow's written a sequel to Little Brother called Homeland.

I should also mention The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken for its interesting premise--a virus spread rapidly causing fatalities among US teens, but those who survived are kept locked up by the government because they've developed superhuman powers. And some trilogies will shortly come to an end--the final volumes in Beth Revis's Across the Universe trilogy, Shades of Earth, and Lauren DeStefano's Chemical Garden trilogy, Sever, both come out in the next few months. And these big series that just began will continue (titles in parens): Darren Shan's Zom-B (Zom-B Underground), Julie Cross's Tempest (Vortex), Andrew Fukuda's The Hunt (Prey), Marie Lu's Legend (Prodigy), Kristen Simmons's Article 5 (Breaking Point), and Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles (Scarlet).


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