The Night Circus: a novel

The Night Circus
Le Cirque des Rêves arrives without fanfare and without invitation. Dozens of black-and-white striped tents cover a local field, but no one and nothing moves during the day. The circus is only open at night, when it becomes an extraordinary wonderland of tents, each providing a fantastic magical act, animal show or acrobats performing remarkable feats. There is no color at the circus—everything is black or white, even the flames of the bonfire. One day it will disappear as quietly as it came, only to reappear somewhere else around the globe.
Two young magicians, a boy and a girl, are trained from childhood in many countries of the world, by different master magicians. Someday they will meet in a remarkable competition—not one of ordinary sleight of hand, but of true magic. Inevitably they must feel something for each other—be it love or hate or fear. Their story is intertwined with that of the circus and its performers.
Writing with lyrical imagination, Erin Morgenstern draws you into the spellbinding world of the Circus of Dreams. Jim Dale reads the audio version with his great ability to define characters. He is a great storyteller, telling a wonderfully imaginative story and making it even more evocative and enjoyable.

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