Renaissance Book Making

I'm pretty excited for some sudden programs we have coming up this weekend. I enjoy reading and I'm often plagued with a need to know how things work, and those two loves meet in book making--how to make the physical conveyance of the stuff I like to read.

This Saturday (Nov. 10), from 3-445, we have a free book binding workshop for teens. You'll get to make a book and take it home. This is a tie-in with the Da Vinci exhibit over at the History Museum at the Castle, intended to teach the sort of book making used back in his time. No staples or plastic spiral bindings here. Needles and bone folders and awls (oh my). I may pass you on the way out of the adult book making class before the teen one begins.

Registration is required and space is limited to 25 seats, so book your spot ASAP.

Image credit: "weekend book binding" by Flickr user nate steiner, used under CC license


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