Tuesday Evening Children's Programs/Saturday Afternoon Movies

Starting next week Tuesday!  On Tuesday nights between 1/8/13 and 5/21/13 the children's section will host an Evening Children's Program at 6:30.  Each program will cover a different topic and be geared towards different age groups, but families will always be welcome.  Programs will range from movies, to holiday celebrations, to bilingual storytimes, to art projects.  Registration will be required for just a few of the programs.

On a different note, once a month on Saturday afternoons, we will host a movie and craft day to mark a special event.  For example, on A.A. Milne's birthday, watch the movie Winnie the Pooh and make a Pooh related craft.  All movies will begin at 1:30. 

Call 832-6187 or check our online calendar for details about what each program will be...


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