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Our subscription to Reference USA will expire on November 12, 2016.
Take a look at AtoZdatabases as our alternative to this resource.

"With over 14 Million U.S. Businesses and 89 Million U.S. Residents, ReferenceUSA provides you the power to find and study businesses, locate people, conduct market research, find addresses and phone numbers, search the hidden job market, and much more. ReferenceUSA is updated with millions of changes monthly, so you will get the most accurate information available." Allows 250 downloads at a time.

ReferenceUSA's YouTube channel has many helpful and informative videos for using the database.


Problems connecting from outside the Library?

If you are not asked for your Library card # to authenticate after clicking on our link, please check for the following:

  • Cookies and Javascript must be enabled in your web browser settings.
  • Security settings in your web browser should be set no higher than Medium.
  • Clear your Temporary Internet Files or cache.
  • Reference USA requires that referring URLs be accepted by your computer's firewall to authenticate library users. If you have a firewall, such as Norton, or other security software on your machine, it may block this information from being sent to the online resource provider's website, who then cannot tell that you are a valid user. In those cases, must be added as a permitted referrer.

If you are still having problems connecting, ReferenceUSA asks that you contact them for further troubleshooting at 1-800-808-1113.

Note: If you are accessing ReferenceUSA remotely, YOU CANNOT BOOKMARK ReferenceUSA. ReferenceUSA is offered via a secured host that authenticates users prior to forwarding them to ReferenceUSA. Accessing ReferenceUSA via a bookmark that you have created sidesteps the authentication process.

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