WiFi at Appleton Public Library

By using the WiFi service at the Library you agree that you are subject to the Library’s Internet Policy. Copies of the policy can be found at www.apl.org/about/policies.


How to Connect:
Any device with WiFi capability should automatically detect the aplpublic signal; no password.  Wireless access points are located throughout the building, although signal strength may vary.  Wireless printing is available; speak to someone at a service desk. Printing costs are listed here.


Please note: The Library expects patrons to be able to configure their own equipment to access the wireless network and cannot guarantee that you will be able to connect.  The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal equipment.  WiFi is less secure than a wired network.  The Library does not offer any laptops or peripheral equipment (power strips, wireless network cards, cables, printers, etc) to the public.  Staff may require patrons who fail to comply with the Library’s Internet Policy to terminate their wireless session and leave the Library building.