Teacher Services

Set asides
Call us at 832-6187 to pull three or four titles on a subject, or by an author, and we'll set them aside for you to pick up. Please give as much notice as possible.

Assignment Alerts
Call us to alert us of an upcoming study unit or project and we will familiarize ourselves with library materials on the topic and create a booklist to ensure that students will find available information on that topic.

Field Trips
A variety of literature-based programs are available for your group or class, view all of them here. We can provide an orientation to our services and collections and instruction on library resources upon request. We will accommodate special requests based on the availability of staff. Time is allotted during the visit to check out materials. Schedule your field trip today by filling out this form or calling us.

Teacher Packs
Looking for a handy way to provide students with additional reading materials related to curriculum or just for fun? Call us or fill out our online form and we'll assemble a Teacher Pack that contains approximately 20-40 age/level appropriate items selected by our literature specialists. 

Our website provides access to many electronic resources. Two of those that may be useful to school librarians and reading teachers are Novelist and Teaching Books. You will need your library card number to access these databases from home.

  • Novelist is a reader's advisory tool to help you match the right book with the right child. You can search for books by age recommendation, genre, or lexile level. It is also a great source for finding read-alikes.

  • Teaching Books is for finding discussion questions for books. It also provides audiovisual presentations of author interviews and book trailers. Additionally, you will find links to author websites and a really handy tool to help you pronounce author names.
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