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Summer Library Program registration begins May 2. The Summer Library Program runs from June 6 to August 8. The last day to turn in logs, collect incentive prizes and enter drawing tickets is August 20.

Baby & Toddler Program: Birth - 24 months

How to Play:

  1. Once you have registered you will receive a log. Mark off time spent on each practice: talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing. Turn in your log when completed.
  2. One prize and one Grand Prize drawing ticket per baby/toddler will be awarded for logs that are completed and submitted by August 20.

If you don't want to try our new Online Program for kids...

Kids' Paper Program: Birth - 7th Grade  

Some prizes are not recommended for children under three. Parents are encouraged to assist with the selection of age appropriate prizes. 


How to Play:

  1. Once you have registered you will receive a log.
  2. Write your first name anywhere on the front of your log.
  3. Use the log like a calendar, tracking your summer activities on corresponding dates in the space provided. Activities include reading, creating things and engaging with others.
  4. Read five or more days a week and earn a Learn Badge. You may also collect an incentive prize and drawing ticket for other prizes. Read to yourself, read to someone else, have someone read to you or listen to an audiobook.
    Learn badge
  5. Create one or more items during the week and earn a Know Badge. Create an art project, write in a journal, make a recipe, make mud pies, you name it!
    Know badge
  6. Engage in two or more social activities a week and earn a Gather Badge. Attend a library program, do something with your family, attend a community event, do something nice for someone you know...the possibilities are endless.
    Gather badge
  7. Collect all three badges (Learn, Know, and Gather) in one week and earn a Grow Badge!
    Grow badge
  8. Bring your completed log each week to the library and collect your badges and incentives. You must have your log with you to pick up incentives. 
  9. Collect seven Learn Badges in nine weeks and earn an extra drawing ticket and a free book.
  10. Collect seven Grow Badges in nine weeks and earn an Olympic Reader Badge.
    Olympic Reader Badge