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General Resources

www.hmongcc.orgThe Hmong Cultural Center serves the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. It is a great resource for Hmong related materials. Their web page has links to useful data and publications. Hmong National Development, Inc. is a national organization with the commitment to developing leadership and empowering the Hmong American community. HND offers the annual Hmong National Conference at locations throughout the US. This website is the home of the Hmong Studies Journal and focuses on research in Hmong Studies, including history, culture and adaption. Census data for Hmong, Lao, Cambodian, and Vietnamese is also found on the site. This non-profit has worked with Hmong in Minnesota for 30 years. They have great information sheets on Hmong history and culture - as well as educational games and crafts including coloring pages for children from the perspective of a Hmong youth - The Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce provides networking opportunities for Hmong businesses to share information and resources. Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce also provides assistance in business planning. Hmong Embroidery includes online exhibits of 213 Hmong embroidery pieces. The website is intended to educate viewers about the many different types of traditional and modern Hmong embroidery and the meanings attached to many of the motifs commonly used in Hmong embroidered art works. The art works featured in the exhibits on the website are part of the collections of the Hmong Cultural Center and the Hmong Archives in Saint Paul, Minneosta.

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Education Website for Appleton Area School District, including information on the various public schools as well as district updates. University of Wisconsin Extension Hmong Task Force Provides educational resources for Hmong individuals and families, those agencies and organizations working with the Hmong population, and Cooperative Extension colleagues providing educational programs for the Hmong in Wisconsin. Sponsors the Hmong Translation Initiative which aims to increase literacy for Hmong children and their families. Includes great tips for reading with your children in White Hmong and Green Hmong.
White -
Green -

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Health information in the Hmong Language from the National Library of Medicine. Also see the Asian American Health page at  Provides high quality information to issues affecting the health and wellness of Asian Americans.. Information on a wide variety of health concerns, available in both Hmong and English. Please see their wonderful bilingual description of what a public library can offer - Healthy Roads Media provides health information to many populations. They have a few videos and information sheets in Hmong on topics of health and nutrition. Environmental Protection Agency datasheet "What you need to know about mercury in fish and shellfish" in Hmong. Fight the Bite! Avoiding mosquito bites information sheet in Hmong from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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hmoobteen.hmong.orgHmoobTeen is a magazine produced by a Hmong teen editor team, filled with art and creative writing submitted by the teen editor team as well as HmoobTeen readers. The magazine is a youth program of Hmong American Partnership. (As of March 2011, this publication is only available online.) The Hmong Oral History Project of Concordia University. A great compilation of videos of folk arts, ceremonies and events from Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center.

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Wisconsin Links Search the State Historical Society website for a wide variety of topics. This huge site can be overwhelming but using the search page ( will provide links to photos, documents and other significant information to the history of Hmong in Wisconsin. Many of these are primary sources that provide a snapshot in time of the experiences and perceptions of the Hmong population. Archive of articles and photos from Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers starting in Wat Tham Krabok refugee camp. Several reporters chronicled the Hmong refugees' journey to Wisconsin. Hmong Public Radio. Shows are broadcast Saturdays from 5pm to 7pm on WHID 88.1 FM from Green Bay. Hmong Wisconsin Radio is broadcast throughout Northeast Wisconsin in Hmong and Lao languages. Stories on local news, culture, and entertainment are available 24/7. Hmong Resettlement articles and print resources from the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau.

Hmong Factsheets

Small Claims Court / Tsev hais plaub meEnglishHmong
Car Repair Tips / Kev tiv thaiv koj lub tsheb khoEnglishHmong
Home Improvement Tips / Kev txhim kho vaj tseEnglishHmong
Tenant's Rights / Neeg xauj tsev cov cai & feem xyuamEnglishHmong
3-Day Right to Cancel / Txoj cai hloov siab 3-hnubEnglishHmong
Return/Refund Policy / Txoj cai thim khoom rov qabEnglishHmong

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Appleton Links Appleton community information in Hmong. Jeff Lindsay's "The Hmong in America" provides history as well is a source of photos of local Hmong gatherings and celebrations.

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