Will I be notified when my card is about to expire?

No, you will not be notified directly. However, if you access your InfoSoup account online, you will notice that it displays the expiration date in the area where your contact information is displayed.

Expiration dates are not uniform throughout the many libraries in the OWLSnet consortium, and libraries may use different lengths of time depending on circumstances. For example, when non-resident students sign up for a card, the expiration date is set for the end of the current school term.

If you find that your card is restricting you from using some online services, you may call the Library Circulation desk at 832-6179 and request a temporary extension. The new date will be set for a short time in the future, and you’ll be asked to present your card and confirm the information we have on file the next time you come in.

If your card is lost, you will need identification, be asked to fill out a new registration form, and may have to pay $3 for a replacement.