• Announcing a New Seed Library at APL!

    The role of the community seed library will be to help foster the sharing of seeds. We’ll have a collection of seeds that you can borrow to plant and grow your own food, herbs and flowers at home. After your plants mature and “go to seed,” you save the seeds and return them to the library so they can be shared with others. Stop by and learn about the benefits of seed sharing!

  • Appleton Comprehensive Plan Survey

    Below is a City of Appleton Comprehensive Plan Update from the City of Appleton.

    As part of our long-term planning for the city, we're updating our Comprehensive Plan. It's the document that guides development of the city 20-years out. Key parts of the plan include sections on downtown as well as a section on our parks/recreation programs/trails.

    "Our current Comprehensive Plan has been executed very successfully," said Mayor Tim Hanna. "It's so important for us to have that road map to follow because it helps us focus on our goals as a community and how to achieve them."

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