4th Grade

  1. Pooches & Pages

    Watch for future dates!
    Children's Program Rooms A/B
    Registration is required.
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    Watch for future details!

    Children can practice their reading skills in a relaxed environment while reading to a registered therapy dog. All dogs are registered with Compassionate Canines. There are four time slots available for four readers at one time; 10:00 - 10:15, 10:20 - 10:35, 10:50 - 11:05, and 11:10 - 11:25 am. Pooches & Pages is for children in grades 1 through 4.

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  2. Fourth Grade: Books With A View

    Registration is required.
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    Contact Ellen at ejepson@apl.org or call 920-832-6020.

    Books with a View

    Fourth grade students will join Ellen Jepson, the school age librarian, to find popular books that demonstrate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person points of view.   Students will also learn skills for using Infosoup, the library’s online catalog, including how to search for items, read a record, and access their account.  A tour of the children’s section is included, and the visit lasts approximately one hour.  This fieldtrip is available from October 1 to May 31. Meets RL4.6 (OEU 2) Common Core Standards.

    Getting library cards and/or checking out books
    are nota requirement to
    visit the library for a field trip!

    Library cards may be obtained for your students
    if desired.  This requires that completed
    library card applications be returned to the library at least ten days before
    the visit, accompanied by a class list
    showing the students’ home addresses

    Library card applications can be found on our FAQ page.  If you choose to check out books, please add
    30 minutes to the amount of time you plan to stay at the library.

    All library programs are free, and school age programs are taught by a professional librarian. 

    Classrooms consisting of more than one grade may attend the program of their choice, and the program will be appropriately modified.

    Please ask us if you would like help combining this fieldtrip with a stop at another Appleton downtown destination.

    Contact Ellen Jepson at ejepson@apl.org or 920-832-6020.

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  3. Great Children's Novel Challenge

    September 8, 2014 to January 5, 2015
    Registration is required.
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    Registration begins on September 8, 2014 at 9:00am. Contact the Children's desk at (920) 832-6187 or click here to register.  You MUST be registered in order to earn any incentives.  Students must be in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade to participate.

    Great Children's Novel Challenge



    Pick up your reading list of classic/contemporary literature at the Children's Service Desk or print it from the link above. Review eight books in this 17 week window (September 8, 2014 - January 5, 2016), and receive an assortment of small incentive prizes, as well as a drawing entry for a special completion prize.  Drawing will be held January 6, 2015. Four novels must be from the library's list. You may listen to audiobooks.  You must be registered in order to earn any prizes/incentives.


    If you have participated in the past you may participate again, but you must read and review different books.


    Reviews must answer the following three questions, and do not need to be on library supplied paper:


    • What was your favorite/least favorite part of this book?
    • What was the conflict in the book?
    • How was the conflict resolved?


    Reviews should be at least eight full length sentences long. Please be sure to include your full name and phone number on every review you submit. Reviews may be turned in one at a time or all at once. Every review will be read by the children's librarian. All books reviewed must be novels, and must be at the participant's reading level.


    The drawing will be held January 6, 2015.


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