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  • US Patent and Trademark Office Database -- provides searchable access to the full-text of patents since 1976. Full-page images of patents since 1790 are also available, although you need to know the Patent Number or Current US Classification to find pre-1976 patents. Full-Image is available but requires the TIFF image browser plug-in.
  • Patent Classification Home -- help for finding Classification numbers needed to search for pre-1976 patents when patent number is not known.
  • PAT 2 PDF -- free search and downloadable copies of a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Simply follow the instructions for how to enter the patent number, enter the number(s) in the box, and click on Fetch Patent.
  • Free Patents Online -- patent analytics and searching.
  • US Pat -- Patent Document Delivery Service. 30,000,000 world-wide documents. Inlcudes Patent Search, Historical, Antique, and Genealogy Patent Services.
  • Intellectual Property Library: "Whether your objective is searching for patents or prior art, defensively publishing your innovations, obtaining research prior to applying for a patent or for other IP-related reasons, or realizing improved IP processes, has the right solution."



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United States Patent & Trademark Office

Trademark Home -- Search, Basic Facts, Trademark FAQ, Inventor Resources


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Trademark FAQ -- from

WIPO -- World Intellectual Property Organization w⁄ links

WIPO Online Data -- links to searchable databases