Cultures & Diversity


New North Regional Guide -- resources for Multicultural Residents for Green Bay and Appleton areas

African American Resources

Demographics -- US Census

Dept. of African American Studies -- UW

African American History

African American World Timeline -- PBS

Celebrating Black History -- Time

African American Odyssey -- LOC

Underground Railroad

African American Organizations


United Negro College Fund

Black Chamber of Commerce


Hispanic American Resources

Demographics -- US Census

LANIC -- Latin Am. Network Info Cntr

CFLC Referencia Electronica

Multnomah Library -- Biblioteca del Condado de Multnomah

Hispanic American History

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage -- Scholastic

Impacto, Influencia, Cambio

Hispanic Heritage Timeline -- Gale

Hispanic American Organizations

WI Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

National Council of La Raza


Hmong American Resources

WWW Hmong Homepage

Hmong Health -- in English & Hmong

Hmong Fonts

Hmong American History

Being Hmong Means Being Free

Hmong People in the U.S.

Hmong Nationality Archives

Refugees from Laos

Hmong American Organizations

Hmong Wisc. Chamber of Commerce

Lao Human Rights Council


Native American Resources

Demographics -- US Census

Index to Native Am. Tribes

Midwest Treaty Network

Native American History

Early Native Peoples -- WI Hist Soc

Native American History -- LOC

Lewis & Clark Native Am. -- PBS

Native American Organizations

Wisconsin Native Am. Tribes

Great Lakes Intertribal Council

Am. Indian Chamber of Commerce -- WI

Women's Resources

Women's Bureau -- Dept. of Labor

Women in the US -- Dept. of State

Women's History

Women's History Month -- History Channel

Women Who Changed History -- Scholastic

National Women's History Project

Women's Organizations

National Council of Women's Orgs


Wisconsin Women's Network


Senior Citizens' Resources

Services for the Elderly -- DHFS

National Senior Citizens Law Center


Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups


American Aging Assoc.


Gay and Lesbian Resources

(Please see Gay Internet Index available through Positive Voice)