Library Board Meeting Minutes

Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees

April 4, 1995

members present: Baehman, Bloedow, Bubolz, DeVries, Dunlap, Jeanette, Siebers
members excused: Ducklow, Hodgkiss
others present: Assistant Library Director Dawson, T. Muench, C. Wiltzius, M. Ernst

Minutes & Bills

The meeting was called to order by President DeVries at 4:36 p.m. Bloedow moved approval of the minutes and Siebers seconded; the motion passed. Siebers moved approval of bills and Baehman seconded; the motion passed.


DeVries summarized the process of selecting an architect for the 1995 Library Committee project. He indicated that the firm of Durrant-Heike was selected as the top candidate. There was a discussion of procedures used in the selection process. The committee felt that Durrant-Heike showed the most extensive in-house resources and experience with libraries. DeVries moved approval of Durrant-Heike as architectural firm and Bloedow seconded; the motion passed.

There was further discussion on how the project will proceed. DeVries indicated the importance of the Library Board working with staff and Durrant-Heike. He stated we need to lay the groundwork for the project correctly, and soon, in order to speed the process and save costs.

DeVries reported that the Providence Report has been received in its final form, and the project has been completed. A cover letter from the Library Board, along with a statement from the library staff, and a copy of the Executive Summary has been included in the packet of information to City Council members for the Wednesday April 5 council meeting. Dawson noted that the Mayor will call on staff to introduce the report to Council and field questions.


Dunlap reported the Planning Committee looked at the Mission Statement, the Committee Vision Statement, Goals, and Strategies in terms of the findings of the Providence Report. The Vision Statement was modified to include library roles. Dunlap further reported that many of the strategies are already in some stage of implementation, and that the Committee is satisfied that the library staff is well on the way to achieving goals. He noted that there will be an ongoing annual process to revise goals and strategies.

Staff Report

Dawson reported that a contract was signed with Ameritech concerning a connection to the Internet. Dawson asked for the draft Personnel Policy to be referred to the Personnel Committee. Committee Chair Bloedow said that he would try to arrange a committee meeting prior to the next meeting of the Library Board.

Dawson asked the Policy Committee to consider a change concerning library cards. Currently, other libraries in the OWLS system use a "system" card which states that the card is good at any library in Outagamie and Waupaca Counties. By switching to use of this card, APL would save approximately $2,500 per year. Library service would remain the same as it is now. A change in the procedure concerning a lost card would have to be made; currently, one card is replaced at no charge, and subsequent lost cards cost $3.00. Implementing use of the "system" card would require that a patron be charged $1.00 each time a card was lost beginning with the first loss. Bloedow moved approval of the change, Siebers seconded. A discussion took place concerning the loss of identity for Appleton Public Library by not having its name on the card. Bubolz moved that the proposed change be presented to the Mayor for his reaction, Jeanette seconded; the amendment passed 6-1 (DeVries). The main motion passed.

Dawson mentioned that we are approaching National Library week. He encouraged Board members to attend the Friends of Appleton Library (FOAL) annual business meeting on Thursday, April 6. He also noted that award-winning Wisconsin writer Larry Watson, author of Montana, would be speaking at the Library on Tuesday April 11 at 7:00 p.m.


DeVries asked for further business. The next meeting will be on Thursday May 4 at 4:30 p.m. Siebers moved for adjournment, Jeanette seconded; the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 5:32 p.m.

minutes approved by Library Board 5/95

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