Library Board Meeting Minutes

Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees

May 11, 1995

present: Baehman, Bloedow, Bubolz, DeVries, Hodgkiss, Jeanette, Siebers
excused: Ducklow, Dunlap
others present: Library Director Pennington, Wiltzius, Muench, Dawson

Minutes & Bills

In Dunlap's absence, DeVries asked Bloedow to serve as acting Secretary. The meeting was called to order by President DeVries at 4:35 p.m. Siebers moved, Baehman seconded approval of minutes. In response to a question, Pennington noted that he had reviewed the need for library cards and had ordered more supplies of the current card. This will give staff more time for discussion of possible changes with the Policy Committee. The motion passed.

Jeanette moved, Baehman seconded approval of May bill register. The motion passed.

Personnel Committee

The Committee presented a draft policy and asked Board members to read it prior to the next meeting. Bloedow reviewed changes from the previous draft as discussed by the committee. DeVries noted that the policy would be on next month's agenda.

Director's Report

Pennington reviewed the process of implementing the Library Building project. He discussed the work of the Library Building Committee, including selection of Durrant-Heike as architect. Pennington complimented Board members on process and expressed staff confidence and pleasure in working with Durrant-Heike.

On April 17, staff met with Durrant-Heike. The established priorities are to get construction well underway during 1995 and as much of the outdoor construction completed during 1995 as possible. A second priority is to implement as many needed interior improvements as possible within the absolute constraints of the $2.3 million project budget.

Pennington reviewed the involvement of various Durrant-Heike staff and recounted details of the staff meetings with Durrant-Heike. Tasks accomplished to date include space analysis and preliminary design decisions following up on the Providence study, the need to accommodate the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the need for a sprinkler system, and possible asbestos removal. Staff are working to set priorities to put project within budget and see how much can realistically be accomplished.

We hope that final design decisions will be made at about June 15. Current plans call for administration to be in the lower level and childrens' on the main floor. We expect that bids will go out during the summer, with construction to begin in the fall and most of the new construction accomplished during 1995.

There should be a presentation either at or before the next Board meeting. Staff will continue to work with architects to create final designs which can be used to create bid documents.

Pennington reported on the current status of the old City Hall building relative to future library space needs. It is in the best interests of the Library that the City not sell the building. After discussion, Hodgkiss moved, Bloedow seconded that DeVries send a letter to the Mayor on behalf of the Board requesting that the City retain title to the old City Hall property. Passed.


Pennington requested that Library Board meetings be scheduled on the Thursday of the week following the first Council meeting of any month. After discussion, the Board agreed to try the new schedule. The next meeting will be at 4:30 p.m., June 15.

The meeting was adjourned at. 5:40 p.m.

minutes approved by Library Board 7/95

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