Library Board Meeting Minutes

Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees

February 12, 1996

present: Bergen, Bloedow, De Vries, Ducklow,Dunlap,Siebers
excused: Baehman, Bubolz, Jeanette
others present: Acting Library Director, Terry Dawson, Carole DeJardin


Bloedow called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. The January minutes were presented. De Vries moved and Ducklow seconded that the minutes be accepted as distributed. Motion carried. The final Bill Register for December, 1995 and the Bill Register for January, 1996 were presented. Moved by De Vries and seconded by Bergen that they be approved. Motion carried.


Bloedow presented information on the work of the Director Search Committee. The committee has studied the results of the focus group meeting.. No significant differences were found between the committee and the focus group. The committee plans to develop criteria during the next few weeks and welcomes scenarios from board members for the assessment center.

Dawson gave a status report on expansion/remodeling project. Report highlights included: a detailed list of the change orders to be presented to Public Works, the schedule for asbestos abatement, the procedure for mounting the stone to the exterior of the facility, and the status of the work being done by the subcontractors. Work on the roof and the Outagamie-Waupaca Library System allocated space begins soon. Painting of the lower level and installation of the suspended ceiling in the lower level should be completed next week. Staff continues to work with the architectural firm to explore options that will allow installation of powered front doors.

Dawson explained the program for President's Day. Presenters include Mark Boushele of the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh and Richard Davis of the Appleton Fire Department. Boushele's subject is stress and conflict management. Davis will lead the staff in an assessment of the library's strategic long range plan and present a program on effective supervision for section supervisors.

Dawson reviewed state statues relating to public library boards. Next month Rick Krumwiede, director of the Outagamie-Waupaca Library System, will present information on system state statues.

Children's Services Supervisor DeJardin gave an overview of her section's services.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM. The next meeting will be on March 11.

minutes approved by Library Board 3/11/96.

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