Library Board Meeting Minutes

Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees

April 8,1996

present: Baehman, Bloedow, Bubolz, Ducklow, Jeanette
excused: Bergen, Dunlap, DeVries, Siebers
others present: Acting Library Director Dawson, Wiltzius, Muench, Dan Ferris


Bloedow called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM and welcomed Alderman elect Dan Ferris. Minutes of the March board meeting and three special March meetings were presented. Jeanette moved and Ducklow seconded approval. The motion passed. The bill register for March was presented. Ducklow moved and Baehman seconded approval. The motion passed.


There was discussion of the sale of the old City Hall building. Ducklow moved that the Library Board endorse the Library Foundation's offer to buy the old City Hall building, should the Library Board proposal for the City to give the property to the Library not be acceptable to City Council, and that the Library Board appreciates the timely support of the Library Foundation. Jeanette seconded. Motion passed. Ducklow suggested that the wording be amended to include the phrase, " to buy and raze old City Hall." Baehman moved to accept the amended motion. Jeanette seconded. Motion passed.

At Bubolz' suggestion, it was agreed that a statement of the Board's position be sent to the Fine Print mailing list prior to the next Common Council meeting , and asking for public support. A handout to patrons was also suggested. Dawson indicated that staff would effect these suggestions.

At Bloedow's request, Dawson stepped out of the room while a discussion of the progress of the search for a new library director took place. Dawson was invited back after discussion ended.

Bloedow asked that, as a regular practice, any handouts distributed at Board meetings be mailed to those members of the Board unable to attend. Dawson indicated that staff would implement this procedure.

Dawson gave an update on library construction and automation. He also reported on the grants offered to the library by the Library Foundation. $5,000 to FOCOL, $2,000 toward grand re-opening, $1,000 for purchase of Peachtree accounting software for Foundation, $5,000 for media and books to supplement the It's US exhibit, $6,000 for initiating a circulating collection of computer CD-ROM titles, and $3,000 for a Foundation donor recognition display. Jeanette moved and Baehman seconded acceptance of grants. Motion carried.

Other Business

The meeting adjourned at 8:26. The next meeting was set for Monday, May 13 at 7:00 PM.

minutes approved by Library Board 5/13/96.

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