Library Board Meeting Minutes

Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees

June 6, 1996

members present: Baehman, Bloedow, Bubolz, De Vries, Ducklow, Dunlap, Egelhoff members excused: Bergen, Jeanette staff: Dawson, Wiltzius, Muench others present: Kathleen Schuessler


Bloedow called the meeting to order at 4:36 PM. Bloedow congratulated Terry Dawson on his appointment to Library Director. Dawson thanked Patti Bubolz for her many years of service to the Appleton Public Library, and introduced Kathy Schuessler as her replacement on the Board effective July 1.

Minutes of the May 13 Board meeting were presented. Ducklow moved and Egelhoff seconded approval. Motion passed. Bill register for May was presented. De Vries moved and Ducklow seconded approval. The motion passed.

Director's Report

Dawson thanked the Board for selecting him as Library Director. He informed the Board that he saw work for several Board committees. He requested that the Personnel Committee look at the recently submitted David M. Griffith Compensation Plan Study as it pertains to the employees of Appleton Public Library. He also requested the committee to review 1996 merit recommendations for work done in 1995. Finally, he asked that they study and possibly revise the process used to evaluate the Library Director. Dunlap questioned the Library Director evaluation process, as it involves the Mayor. Dawson noted that the Director works with the Mayor in ways that do not always involve the Library Board. The Mayor can contribute to the evaluation process by providing input to Dawson and the Board for improved communication. Dawson also expressed a desire to begin the process of hiring a new Assistant Library Director soon, and said that it would likely involve a national search.

Dawson stated that a preliminary schedule for the 1997 budget has been announced and that staff work will begin shortly. Early submissions to the Mayor will occur in August, and will continue through various stages until final submittal and approval will take place in November. Dawson also asked the Finance committee to consider revising the way in which the current financial reports are submitted, and decide if there is a better way.

Dawson asked that the Library Board Policy Committee meet to review and possibly adopt the new City policy regarding violence and sexual harassment in the workplace. The Committee should also review the Board Bylaws.

De Vries asked that the Board consider a study to assess Library performance in the eyes of the users. Egelhoff suggested that the study might be able to dovetail with the study that the City of Appleton will conduct this year regarding all city services. A discussion followed.

Dawson reported on the status of the sale of the former City Hall building to the Appleton Library Foundation. Baehman suggested that the Library Board be involved in what takes place in the newly acquired area of the parking lot. De Vries reported on the state of the funding campaign to offset the cost of purchasing the building.

Dawson gave a brief report on the status of the library construction project. A discussion of the building project budget took place, with particular attention given to change orders. Dawson informed the board that we are well within budget. He advised that there is a proposed change order amounting to $19,025.00 for the installation of powered doors at the entry. This possible change was still under consideration by staff and no recommendation had yet been made. There was discussion of alternatives to powered doors. Wiltzius reported briefly on the Grand Reopening Celebration.

Closed session

Egelhoff noted that the Board had not yet taken formal action to adopt a Director's salary. Egelhoff moved and Ducklow seconded that the Library Board go into closed session to discuss personnel issues regarding the level at which Dawson's salary begins. The motion was approved unanimously and a closed session began at 5:48 PM. The meeting reopened at 5:58 PM. Dunlap moved and Bubolz seconded approval of a 1996 salary of $55,556.80.


The meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM. The next meeting is set for Thursday, July 8th at 4:30 PM.

minutes approved by Library Board 1/8/97.

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