Library Board Meeting Minutes

Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees

September 5, 1996

present: Baehman, Bergen, Bloedow, Ducklow, Egelhoff, Loebach, Schuessler
excused: DeVries, Dunlap
others present: Dawson, Lemke, Muench, Wiltzius


The meeting was called to order by President Bloedow at 7:07 PM. The minutes of the August 8 meeting were presented. Schuessler moved and Ducklow seconded approval. The motion passed.

Bill register

The Bill Register for August was presented. Ducklow moved approval and Egelhoff seconded. The motion passed

Nominating Committee

A motion was made by Schuessler to continue with the same slate of officers for the 1996-97 year; Bergen seconded. The motion passed. Bloedow and Dawson thanked the officers and the Board for the work they had done during the past year. Bloedow noted that he would shortly appoint committees for the coming year and asked that Board members notify him of any committee preferences.

Director's Report

Dawson discussed the 1997 budget process. He has met with the Mayor to discuss Library needs. Library staff and Board will work to build a good relationship with the Council.

Dawson reported that the recent survey circulated by the City indicated that the library received a 94% approval rating.

Dawson reported that a resolution had been approved by the Appleton Library Foundation Board to request changing the name of the block the Library is located on from "Civic Plaza" to "Library Plaza". The request is being considered by the City Planning Commission following a resolution by Alderman Ferris. Bergen moved and Loebach seconded that the Library Board endorse the name change. The motion passed.


Wiltzius gave an update on the progress of the Grand Re-opening Celebration scheduled for September 7th. There will also be a public speech at the library and a Foundation fund raising dinner at the Paper Valley Hotel on September 13th with Stephen Ambrose.

After some discussion on the need for a fixed Library Board meeting time, it was agreed to set the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM as the regular time.

The next meeting will be Thursday, October 3 at 7:00 pm. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

minutes approved by Library Board 10/3/96.

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