Library Board Meeting Minutes

Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees

December 5,1996

Present: Bloedow, DeVries, Ducklow, Egelhoff, Schuessler Absent: Baehman, Bergen, Dunlap, Loebach Other present: Dawson Kelly, Lemke, Wiltzius


The minutes of the November 7, 1996 meeting were presented. Schuessler moved and Ducklow seconded approval. The motion passed.

Bill Register

The Bill Register for November was presented. There was discussion of the balances remaining in some accounts at the end of the year. DeVries moved for approval. Egelhoff seconded, and the motion passed.

Policy Committee

Chair Schuessler reported that committee had met on December 2. After review and discussion of challenges to library materials, the committee did not recommend any changes in the materials selection policy.

Dawson distributed the procedures he is asking staff to follow in handling “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials.” There was discussion of how often patrons ask about selection and reconsideration of materials. Dawson stated that it occurs frequently, but that when the staff explains selection processes and intellectual freedom, concerns are usually resolved informally.

The committee recommended acceptance of the proposed Finance Policy. Schuessler moved approval and DeVries seconded. The motion passed.

Schuessler stated the Policy Committee has decided to meet monthly to review existing policies and make recommendations to the Board. The committee is planning a “policy development interaction day”. This would be held on Saturday, January 25, from 10 am to 2 pm and would enable APL staff and Board to have input in the process for developing new policies and reviewing existing policies. An independent facilitator would be brought in. The Board was in full agreement.

There has been a practice of not charging overdue fines or reserve postage to Board members. Schuessler moved that this practice be discontinued and Ducklow seconded. The motion passed.

Frank P. Young

In Baehman's absence, Dawson reported that the committee planned to Scholarship award a $500 scholarship. Deadline for applications will be February 1, with the selection decided in February and scholarship awarded in March.

Director’s Report

Dawson distributed a list of his goals and requested that the Board set up a process and do an official evaluation of the Director. Bloedow suggested that an ad hoc committee made up of DeVries, Schuessler, Dunlap and Bergen meet with Dawson to plan the evaluation process.

Dawson discussed year end account balances and past practices for budgeting and expenditures. DeVries suggested that in the future, the budget should be prepared with more accuracy in the various projected line item categories. Dawson noted that staff is in discussion with the City Finance Department to implement new accounting software and will use the opportunity to revisit line item allocations early in 1997.

The Foundation is having a fund-raising raffle of the book and Montana visit donated by Stephen Ambrose The Grand Prize will be drawn on March 15, 1997. DeVries requested that Board members assist with selling tickets.

Dawson distributed copies of the proposed 1997 Automated Library Services Agreement and the 1997 Resource Library Agreement with the Outagamie Waupaca Library System. After discussion, DeVries moved and Schuessler seconded approval. The motion passed.

Following the retirement of Winnie Hung, Cataloging Services Supervisor, staff will merge Collections and Cataloging into a new Technical Services Section. Michael Nitz, presently the Collections Supervisor, will become the section supervisor, and Winnie will be replaced by a librarian. With the shifting of responsibilities, primary selection of adult fiction and non-fiction will done by Maggie Ernst, Circulation Supervisor.

Meg Shriver has accepted the position of Reference Supervisor. Meg has been with the library since 1980.

Through the appeals process with David M. Griffith consultants, two employees have been recommended for reclassification, Elizabeth Eisen from Library Assistant to Librarian and Carolyn Lemke from Library Clerk to Secretary. Egelhoff moved approval and DeVries seconded. The motion passed.

Other Business

The Board suggested that Dawson encourage the staff wear name tags as much as possible.

The next meeting of the Board will be January 2, 1997. The meeting adjourned at 9:02 PM.

minutes approved by Library Board 1/8/97.

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