Library Board Meeting Minutes

Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees

January 2, 1997

Present Baehman, Bloedow, DeVries, Loebach, Egelhoff
Absent Bergen, Ducklow, Dunlap, Schuessler
Others present Dawson, Lemke, Wiltzius


The minutes of the December 5, 1996 meeting were presented. Loebach moved and Baehman seconded approval. The motion passed.

Bill Register

The Bill Register for December was presented. There was discussion of expenditures for the purchase of a computer / video projector, microcomputer , and postage, Bloedow moved approval, Egelhoff seconded, and the motion passed.

Policy Committee

Schuessler reported that a facilitator for the "policy development interaction day" January 25th had been secured. In response to a request by Egelhoff, Dawson noted that he would send a preliminary packet will be sent to the Board and Staff once he and Schuessler had met with the facilitator to set the day's agenda..

Director's Report

Dawson reported that he had met with DeVries, Bergen, Dunlap, and Schuessler to explore his goals and objectives for 1997. Dawson presented a draft of goals he had prepared after this discussion. After discussion of proposed revisions to the draft, it was agreed that Dawson would meet again with Bloedow and the original ad hoc committee before January 24.

Dawson asked the board to consider procedures for evaluating the Director. Egelhoff suggested that the Board Personnel Committee meet and discuss ways to accomplish this procedure. Loebach said she would set a meeting of the Personnel Committee.

Dawson asked the Board if there was an interest in receiving library statistics on a monthly basis. After discussion, Dawson said the staff would explore the feasibility of quarterly statistics.

The State of Wisconsin is considering possible changes to library laws; there is legislative task force meeting to consider options. Dawson reported that he would be attending the Wisconsin Library Association's "Library Legislative Day" in Madison on February 10. He asked if the Board would like to have a discussion of state legislative issues. There was consensus that this would be useful. Dawson indicated he would like to invite OWLS Director Rick Krumwiede to attend the next board meeting. Krumwiede and Dawson would discuss legislative concerns and the Access 2001 proposals from the System and Resource Library Administrators Association of Wisconsin. There was general agreement.

Other Business

The next meeting of the Board will be February 6, 1997. The meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM.

minutes approved by Library Board 2/6/97.

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