Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees


June 8, 1998


Present: Bloedow, Ducklow, Dunlap, Gosse, Schuessler

Excused: Bergen, Bergman, Loebach, Parker

Others Present: Dawson, Kelly, Lemke, Muench

Minutes The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Schuessler at 5:35 PM. The minutes of May 11, 1998 were presented. Dunlap moved approval and Ducklow seconded. The motion passed.


Bill Register The bill register and financial reports for May, 1998 were presented. Dunlap moved approval of the bill register and Gosse seconded. The motion passed.


Director's Report Dawson asked Kelly for an update on policy drafts. Kelly has been working with several other staff on recommended changes to policies covering the meeting rooms, bulletin boards, display centers, and information racks. The staff plans to meet with the Board Policy Committee in August and present their recommendations to the full Board in September.

Dawson explained the Foundation brick sale in progress. The Post Crescent has donated ad space and is handling the actual sale of the bricks. Staff will work with the Park and Recreation Department and the landscaper to coordinate the actual placement of the bricks in the southwest corner of Library Plaza.

The Board Finance Committee will meet the week of July 19th to review the proposed 1999 budget. The Board will receive the budget proposal for final approval on August 3rd. There was discussion of the Outagamie Waupaca Library System reimbursement request to Outagamie County and the possible need for Library Board support for the request.

The staff has created a web page for information on PCBs.

The Library Summer program began today and thus far 736 children have registered. A kickoff program with singer Randy Peterson was held this afternoon and 450 children were in attendance.


Other Business The meeting adjourned at 5:48 PM. The next meeting will be at

5:00 PM, July 13th.