Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees


June 8, 1998


Present: Bergen, Bergman, Ducklow, Gosse, Loebach, Parker, Schuessler

Excused: Bloedow, Dunlap

Others Present: Kelly, Lemke, Muench, Wiltzius

Minutes The meeting was called to order by President Bergen at 5:00 PM. The minutes of June 8, 1998 were presented. Schuessler moved approval and Ducklow seconded. The motion passed.


Bill Register The bill register and financial reports for June, 1998 were presented. Bergman moved approval of the bill register and Loebach seconded. The motion passed.


Committee Bergen reported that Schuessler has agreed to Chair the Planning Committee. Schuessler will meet with Dawson on July 14th to discuss how to proceed with this process.

1999 Budget The Finance Committee will meet on July 20th to discuss a draft of the 1999 budget prepared by the APL Staff. The recommended 1999 budget will be presented at the Library Board Meeting, August 3, for approval. Timing is important for this meeting.

1997 Carryover The Finance Department has determined that the Library is eligible for $25,618 in carryover funds from the 1997 budget. Staff proposes that the funds be allocated as follows: $15,000 to hire library planning consultants to assist in our community survey; $2,000 for repairs to the main electrical system of the library; and $8,618 for additional public access Internet workstations and a new server. Parker moved approval. Loebach seconded. The motion passed. Bergen complimented the Library Staff for good management of library funds.

Director's Report Dawson prepared a written report that was sent to the board prior to the meeting.

A mid-year report was prepared assessing our year-to-date performance in comparison with goals as stated in the 1998 budget document. Kelly noted the statement that the construction project was completed at approximately $300,000 under budget. The Board expressed appreciation for the report.

Bricks will continue to be sold from either the Post Crescent or the Administration Offices of the library. To date, approximately 200 bricks have been sold and staff is negotiating with landscapers to have the bricks installed by the end of the summer

Two members of the Fox Valley Literacy Coalition Board have approached the library asking that consideration be given to the prospect of the Coalition once again operating from the Library building. It is a possibility that deserves further discussion, and Dawson will work with them to consider options.

Maggie Ernst, Circulation Supervisor, has requested to be transferred to Reference and Information Services to fill a position vacated by the recent resignation of Reference Librarian, Bonnie Poquette. Maggie’s reference expertise and reader’s advisory experience are primary reasons for approval of this change. Administrative staff will work to analyze needs and consider options in the Circulation Section.

Other business Kelly reported that the display of the "Trolly Car ‘86" project has been well received. The artwork that was purchased with a grant from the Appleton Library Foundation is in the process of being hung.

The Appleton Library will be a depository for the EPA with regard to possible designation of the Fox River as a Superfund site. The library will be receiving documents pertaining to the clean-up of the Fox River, which in turn will be made available to the public.

The summer reading program has registered 2734 children so far this summer.

Kelly reported on the attempted assault that occurred in the library on Monday, July 6th. The staff was commended for their quick response and efficient manner in handling the situation. Bergen expressed concerns of the community and requested that Dawson work to explore methods of enhancing building security, both for staff and for the public.

Kelly reported that the library received a letter from the Library Study Committee of the Town of Grand Chute asking for proposals for enhancement of library service to Town residents. The Board discussed the issue at length. Bergen proposed that Dawson be asked to explore the request and that he report to the Board at their August meeting on his progress.

Gosse reported a letter was received by the Mayor and Aldermen asking that the library be open 7 days a week, 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM. Kelly reported that the 1999 budget proposal does ask for an increase in hours.

The meeting adjourned at 6:35 PM. The next meeting will be at 5:00 PM, August 3rd.